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YKK Specialty Zippers - Special Orders from

These Zippers are made to order and have a 25 Zippers Minimum order per size and quantity. The Lead time is 2 - 12 weeks depending on where in which country the zipper is manufactured in.

YKK Reflective
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Safety is always a concern for YKK. We not only offer a safety conscio... View Details »
YKK Reversed Coil Zipper with Alcantara Material
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Luxurious suede like look is achieved by attaching Alcantara material ... View Details »
YKK Rivet Zipper
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Zipper integrated with button. Button is used with puller and also u... View Details »
YKK Satin Tape
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Shiny satin tape provides a luxurious touch. YKK offers satin tape in... View Details »
YKK Silky Tape Zipper
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Give a luster to chain by heat rolling on the chain, and it looks beau... View Details »
YKK Soflex
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SOFLEX® is a stretchable and flexible zipper. Both tape and element st... View Details »
YKK Top Open
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This item enables you to quickly open the zipper from the top. Pull u... View Details »
YKK Vislon Clear
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LUMIFINE® glow-in-the dark zipper is now available in six neon color c... View Details »
YKK Vislon Flat
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The VISLON® zipper is made of injected plastic elements, such as polya... View Details »
YKK Vislon with Mirror like finish
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This VISLON® zipper's shiny new look is achieved by attaching foil to ... View Details »
YKK Woven In Type (EF)
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This item is a thinner and more durable zipper than regular coil due t... View Details »

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