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8RCW (Double Coil)
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  25 Piece Minimum Per Size and Color
“RCW" is a zipper with double racquet coil chain. The racquet coil was... View Details »
YKK Aurolite
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AUROLITE® is a brand new type of coil zipper that has an iridescent co... View Details »
YKK Everbright
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EVERBRIGHT® is very shiny with higher corrosion resistance compared to... View Details »
YKK Excella
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EXCELLA® is the highest quality metal zipper with fully polished eleme... View Details »
YKK Excella Light
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EXCELLA® light is a type of EXCELLA® zipper that is comprised of alumi... View Details »
YKK Flex Knit Tape
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The flex knit tape is soft and stretchable therefore, it can easily be... View Details »
YKK Metallion
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METALLION® is a coil zipper in metallic color teeth. There are 2 types... View Details »
YKK MZF( Injection Zipper)
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MZF is a zipper with fins on the sides of elements. It comes in metal ... View Details »
YKK Natulon Material Recycled
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YKK always tries to contribute to the environmently-friendly society. ... View Details »
YKK Prifa
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PRIFA® is a zipper with colorful inkjet prints on the tape. Many vari... View Details »
YKK Quick Release
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“Quick Release Zipper” introduces a new way to open a zipper. It allo... View Details »
YKK RC (Racquet Coil)
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Introducing the RC (Racquet coil) zipper from YKK. Specially designed... View Details »
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