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Twin Fit Dress Form
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Twin Fit Dress Form

Item-Number: DFW
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Auto-set dials provide for the ultimate in shape adjustment: Neck, bust, waist, waist length, hips and height. Simply turn a dial to re-shape the form for specific measurments. Achieve perfect darts, waistbands, hems and armholes. Full shoulders provide for a perfect draped sleeve. Includes a built in hem gauge with easy basting attachment. Made of light plastic and covered in 100% foam-backed nylon.

Dress Size




Neck to Waist





17"- 19"

Uses for Dressforms:

Check the drape of fabric. Is it suitable for the pattern you have selected?

Style an outfit by draping coordinating fabrics together.

Fit a tissue pattern.

Check the placement of darts, pockets and buttonholes.

Establish the position of collars and lapels.

Position lace, trims, ribbons and appliques on garments.

Check or plan the placement for machine embroidery designs.

Pin sleeves in position to adjust the fit.

Check the placement of shoulder pads.

Check the ease and hang of a lining.

Fit and hang wedding gowns as you sew.

Mark hems. Fit pants and shorts on the "My Double DeLuxe." Accessorize your completed outfit! Use when sewing for others - adjustments can constantly be changed. In your Bedroom - A dressform makes an ideal Clothes Organizer. It's great for planning outfits and checking what goes together! Use to restore the shape of a jacket or dress after wearing it! Fun place to display and store hats, beads and scarves.

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