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Maxi Lock Serger Thread
The most widely used Serger thread. 100% Spun Polyester. 3000yds /... View Details »
Gutermann Thread - 1100 Yds AS LOW AS $3.00 EACH
(Bulk pricing available)
"The Thread That Sews All Fabrics" - Premium long staple polyester gu... View Details »
Maxi Lock STRETCH Serger Thread
Maxi Lock Stretch Thread is a soft, textured Wooly Nylon thread for se... View Details »
6000 YD JUMBO Maxi Lock Serger Thread ONLY $5.25
JUMBO SIZE 6000 Yds/Cone - Most widely used Serger thread. 40/2 Spun p... View Details »
Gutermann Thread - 5500 Yard Cones
(Bulk pricing available)
"The Thread That Sews All Fabrics" - Premium long staple polyester gu... View Details »
Maxi-Lock launches Swirls, a collection of 18 luscious colors that coo... View Details »
Coats Dual Duty
(Bulk pricing available)
Poly wrapped on polyester core. All purpose for both hand and machine ... View Details »
(Bulk pricing available)
Poly Wrapped Polyester Thread. Tex 40 sz. 50 (tkt-60/36) 6000 yd cone... View Details »
Wax Silamide Skeins
Waxed hand sewing thread. Replaces silk in men's fine tailored clothin... View Details »
Button Thread
Quality 100% cotton thread with glaze finish. 500 Yards of Extra Stren... View Details »
#69 Bonded Nylon Thread
For upholstery, leather and luggage. High tenstile strength. Resists a... View Details »
Gutermann Cotton Thread
Fine yet strong with a beautiful natural fiber luster. Mercerized. Ide... View Details »
Gutermann Silk Thread
The highest quality and most luxurious 100% silk thread you can buy! 1... View Details »
Gutermann Top Stitch Thread
100% Polyester. Strong with a high luster, Ideal for decorative sewing... View Details »
#33 Nylon Bonded Thread
Idea for trouser seat and side seams. Strong yet has elasticity, preve... View Details »
Buttonhole Twist
Polyamide machine twist for hand sewing buttonholes. 820 yds/spool. View Details »
June Tailor Mega Rack
Store your thread on this handy, 120-spool capacity thread rack. Made ... View Details »
Thread Stands
Starting at $7.75
Pressed Steel. Chrome plated and black lacquered. View Details »
Crochet Bustle Thread
White and Ivory. 100% Cotton. View Details »
Hand Needles
SHARPS - Medium length. Most commonly used. Available in sizes 7-10 or... View Details »
Midsize Cone Thread Rack
Holds 33 cones. Compact 14" x 14" x 3". View Details »
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