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2”x 18” Clear Ruler with Grid
Transparent, handy 8ths graph ruler calibrated in 16ths to the inch an... View Details »
Chalk Wheel Kit
Small wheel rolls smoothly across fabric and disperses an even, fine l... View Details »
Clover Chacopy Tracing Paper
For copying work onto craft and sewing projects. Five sheets in assort... View Details »
Curve Stick - Hip Curve
Aluminum - 24". Use for lapels, elbows, skirts, slacks or anywhere a s... View Details »
Deluxe Seam Ripper
Plastic case with clear cap. 5 1/2" long. Metal blade slips under seam... View Details »
Disappearing Ink Marking Pen
Marks disappear within 24-72 hours or can be removed immediately with ... View Details »
Dressmaker's Marking Pencil with Brush Eraser
For marking construction details. Brush removes marks. Available in Wh... View Details »
Dual Marking Pen
Water soluble Mark-B-Gone ink on one end and disappearing ink on the o... View Details »
Gingher Bent Trimmers
Starting at $36.50
Double plated chrome over nickel. For general dressmaking with all wei... View Details »
Jems 500 Tailors' Chalk
Clay chalk and pigment. 36 pieces per box. Comes in White,Yellow, & Bl... View Details »
Starting at $15.00
Aluminum. Transfer size measurements to flat patterns. Each arm calibr... View Details »
Laundry Marking Pens
(Bulk pricing available)
Black, permanent ink will not wash, bleach, or dry clean out. Long she... View Details »
Marks Mundial "Cushion Soft" Light Weight Dressmaker's Shears
New soft touch inserts for comfortable non-slip grip. Maximum control ... View Details »
Maxi Lock Serger Thread
The most widely used Serger thread. 100% Spun Polyester. 3000yds /... View Details »
Muslin Fitting Cloth - Prepackaged or By The Yard
Starting at $3.50
Unbleached cotton. 45" width. Medium weight. High pick count, superior... View Details »
Pattern Hook with Cord
For hanging patterns. Hardened steel hook knotted at both ends. Super... View Details »
Pattern Notcher
Superior quality Stainless Steel. Cuts 1/4" x 1/16" quickly through... View Details »
Precisew Pattern Tracer
No need to keep replacing low quality tracing wheels. This wooden hand... View Details »
Regular Size Colonel Tailors' Chalk
Blend of finest natural waxes and quality pigments. High melt resistan... View Details »
Sewing Gauge
Aluminum. 6" with double movable pointed slider. For making hems, butt... View Details »
Straight Pins
Starting at $16.50
Steel dressmaker pins. Tapered needle point. Packed in 1 lb. boxes. Si... View Details »
Styling Design Ruler
4 rulers in 1! French curve, Hip curve, Straight rule with 1/8" increm... View Details »
Super Giant 3050 Tailors' Chalk
Triple groove finish. 48 pieces per box. Available in White, Black, Re... View Details »

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