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TTU ADM 2310 Design Through Draping from

Muslin Fitting Cloth - Prepackaged or By The Yard
Starting at $3.50
Unbleached cotton. 45" width. Medium weight. High pick count, superior... View Details »
Curve Stick - Hip Curve
Aluminum - 24". Use for lapels, elbows, skirts, slacks or anywhere a s... View Details »
12" Vary Form Curve
Aluminum - 12". Indispensable for patternmaking. Draws a wide range of... View Details »
Pattern Notcher
Superior quality Stainless Steel. Cuts 1/4" x 1/16" quickly through... View Details »
Pattern Hook with Cord
For hanging patterns. Hardened steel hook knotted at both ends. Super... View Details »
Precisew Pattern Tracer
No need to keep replacing low quality tracing wheels. This wooden hand... View Details »
Used to prepare leather, canvas or heavyweight fabric for sewing. Pre... View Details »
12" Flexible Curve Ruler
Versatile flexible curve rule lets you draw unlimited bends and curves... View Details »
2”x 18” Clear Ruler with Grid
Transparent, handy 8ths graph ruler calibrated in 16ths to the inch an... View Details »
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