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Snaps and Fasteners from

Sew On Snaps - Single Card
Rustproof. Washable. Nickel or Black. SIZE / DIAMETER / QUANTI... View Details »
Sew On Snaps - Bulk 1,728 Sets per Box
Starting at $85.00
Dozen Gross (1,728 pcs) Box of both sides (Male & Female) Washable ... View Details »
Snap Tape
100% cotton tape. Sold by the yard. 3/4" width with 1 1/2" spacing bet... View Details »
Nylon Sewing Snaps
Starting at $2.75
Lightweight clear snaps blend with any color garment. Washable and Dry... View Details »
Snap Fastener "Easy Attacher" Kit
Plastic. Use tool along with hammer to attach either size 16 or size 1... View Details »
Snap Fastener Attaching Pliers
Metal. Use this attaching tool for size 24 Gripper snaps. Instructions... View Details »
Vario Plus Snap Kit
The perfect snap fastener kit for replacing snaps and eyelets. Include... View Details »
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