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Marks Mundial "Cushion Soft" Light Weight Dressmaker's Shears
New soft touch inserts for comfortable non-slip grip. Maximum control ... View Details »
Gingher Bent Trimmers (Lightweight)
Black nylon frame with stainless steel blade inserts. Exceptionally li... View Details »
Gingher Bent Trimmers
Starting at $36.50
Double plated chrome over nickel. For general dressmaking with all wei... View Details »
Wiss Bent Trimmers
Professional Industrial Tailor's Trimmers. Finest quality steel. Lifet... View Details »
Gingher Micro Serrated Bent Trimmers $51.75 $31.05
  40% Holiday Discount
Chrome plated. Superfine cutting edges. A must for working with silks ... View Details »
Gingher Tailor's Point Scissors
Chrome plated, knife edge. For trimming, buttonholing, quilting and ge... View Details »
Gingher 7 1/2" Pinking Shears
Gingher's fine tool German engineering has created the best quality p... View Details »
4" Gingher Embroidery Scissors
Chrome plated drop forged steel. For thread cutting in sewing, embroid... View Details »
Gingher Curved Blade Embroidery Scissors $37.50 $22.50
  40% Holiday Discount
Chrome plated. As above, but with a curved blade which allows cutting ... View Details »
Ginger Applique Scissors
Chrome plated, knife edge. A must for applique' work. Trims close with... View Details »
Olfa Rotary Cutters
Starting at $7.00
The Original and finest straight edge rotary cutters. Available in 3 s... View Details »
Olfa Standard Cutting Mats
Starting at $17.50
Gridded three layer self healing mat. Two sided green cutting surface.... View Details »
Olfa Rotating Cutting Mat
Make quick work geometric cutting with one easy movement! Simply cut, ... View Details »
Wiss Lightweight Thread Clips
Replaceable blades in tortoise shell frame. View Details »
Wiss Industrial Thread Clips
Solid steel. Nickle plated. Self opening spring action. 4 1/2" View Details »
Gingher Lightweight Thread Clip $21.75 $13.05
  40% Holiday Discount
Finest Quality 4" lightweight clips. Nylon/stainless steel constructio... View Details »
Deluxe Seam Ripper
Plastic case with clear cap. 5 1/2" long. Metal blade slips under seam... View Details »
Surgical scissors made from "spring steel" will cut the tiniest thread... View Details »
Razor Blades
Extra sharp hardened steel. 100 per box. View Details »
ScissorPRO Electric Sharpener
Easily achieve professional quality sharpness. Two step process elimi... View Details »
Used to prepare leather, canvas or heavyweight fabric for sewing. Pre... View Details »
Gingher 10" Rounded Bent Trimmers
Ideal for cutting out patterns, quilting and general sewing, this pair... View Details »
Gingher 8 Inch KE Utility Shears
Knife Edge cutting blades cut through heavy duty materials like carpet... View Details »
Gingher 9" KE Blunt Tailor Shears
Heavy-duty Tailor Shears feature a thick frame and long, precision-gro... View Details »

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