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Rulers and Measuring Tools from

Cuff Rules
Starting at $5.50
Sturdy Aluminum. Always gives accurate widths and lengths for any stra... View Details »
Straight Rules
Starting at $4.00
Light weight yet sturdy aluminum. Large, easy to read numbers. View Details »
Dressmaker's Rule
Clear plastic ruler. 15" x 4". Many functions. Slotted for parallel ma... View Details »
Expanding Sewing Gauge
The SlimFlex Sewing Gauge gives you fast and accurate measuring. It's ... View Details »
Ezy-Hem Gauge
Non-Rust Aluminum. Versatile guide for pressing up curved or straight ... View Details »
Aluminum - 24". Blade calibrated two edge: one side 8ths, one side 16t... View Details »
Crotch Tape Measure
Fiberglass tape with plastic crotch piece. 5/8" width x 60". Inches an... View Details »
60" Tape Measure
Our 5/8"x 60" Non-Stretch, Reinforced Fiberglass Tape Measure With 1/1... View Details »
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