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Reliable 6000IS IRON STATION
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Reliable 6000IS IRON STATION

Item-Number: DS-REL-6000IS


The 6000IS is the newest entry in our line-up of professional steam iron stations. The 6000IS establishes a new benchmark for features, ease of use, and quality of components.


The 6000IS excels at producing quality, dry, pressurized steam. Pressurized steam is the fastest and most efficient way of ironing. It allows the fibers of the fabric to be softened quicker, with the weight and heat of the iron laying the fibers down flat. This creates the crisp and clean finish demanded by professionals.


• 1.25 gallon, 4.5 L water capacity
• 1200W boiler, 800W iron
• Water level stick
• Low water light indicator
• Regular tap water
• 65 PSI, 4.5 bar operating pressure
• Pressure/safety switch
• 30A heavy-duty contactor
• 12-gauge heavy-duty wiring
• Stainless steel tank and outer casing
• 1 incoloy heating element
• Carrying handle
• Silicone iron rest
• 15-20 minute heat up time
• Requires a 20-amp plug, standard wall plug is 15A
• Up to 6 hours of continuous steam
• Rated for unlimited hours of use per day

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