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Pressing To Perfection DVD
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Pressing To Perfection DVD

Item-Number: VID-01

Whether you are a professional sewer or a hobbyist, this is a must have tutorial that will teach you how to get the best results for your finished work.

"During my two year apprenticeship with a tailor from England, I was surprised to learn that tailors spend more time pressing than sewing. I was constantly told that you could sew a perfect seam, but if you didn't press it properly, no one would notice. On the other hand, you could sew a crooked seam, but if you knew how to shape and mold the fabric you could make it look like a masterpiece. I guarantee you will learn pressing techniques in Pressing to Perfection that you have never seen elsewhere, and the good news is that you can apply these principles to all your sewing projects, not just tailoring." Mary Roehr

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