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Straight Pins
Starting at $16.50
Steel dressmaker pins. Tapered needle point. Packed in 1 lb. boxes. Si... View Details »
Highest quality with handle-like heads. Packed in 1/2 lb boxes. View Details »
Glass Head Pins
High melt resistant. 1 3/8" superfine with extra sharp points. Ideal f... View Details »
Steel Safety Pins
Starting at $24.50
There are many different types of safety pins currently available. We... View Details »
Satin Pins
Starting at $10.50
Extra thin for delicate fabrics. Packed in 1/2 lb boxes. Size #17 = ... View Details »
Fine Sharp Pins
Nickel-Plated Steel with white or yellow plastic heads. Extra fine. 25... View Details »
Color Ball Point Pins
Plastic ball point heads in assorted colors. Extra fine points. Size 1... View Details »
Brass Safety Pins
Starting at $42.50
Genuine Brass. Rustproof. 10 gross/box (1440). Sizes #00, #0 and #1 View Details »
2" Bank Pins - CLEARANCE - 5 LBS PER BOX $8.00 $6.00
Here's a great Deal : 2" all purpose Bank Pins in black enamel finish... View Details »
Tomato Pin Cushion
Pin cushion with attached emery-filled strawberry for cleaning pins an... View Details »
Wrist Pin Cushion
Rectangle shape on plastic wristband. Handy and convenient. View Details »
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