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Pellon Interfacings from

Pellon® and Sew True have teamed up to offer you over 40 different Interfacings, Fusibles and Battings for every conceivable project, whether it be Apparel Construction, Quilting, Home Decorating or Crafting.

Pellon® originally invented nearly all the standard sew-in and fusible interfacings used by manufacturers worldwide, and has created a consumer line covering a wide assortment of products. Sew True is pleased to offer this selection at very competitive pricing – buy by the full bolt

"Craft-Fuse" Craft Backing - Pellon #808
Also known as Crafter's Choice or Dura-Fuse. Non woven iron-on craft ... View Details »
"Easy Knit" - Pellon # EK130
Also known as "Fusi-Knit". or Stacy Knit. Fusible Tricot Knit Interfac... View Details »
"Easy Pattern" Unmarked Tracing Cloth - Pellon # 830
Also known as Pattern Ease or Create a Pattern. Unmarked. A lightweigh... View Details »
"Shape Flex" Fusible - Pellon #SF101
Also known as "Form Flex". This is a traditional durable press fusible... View Details »
"Shirt Tailor" Firm Fusible - Pellon #950F
Also known as Shirt Shaper. Firm fusible non-woven is made specificall... View Details »
"Ultra Weft" Fusible - Pellon #860F
Also known as Armo-Weft or HNB Fusible Weft. A weft insertion fusible... View Details »
"Wonder Under" 2 Side Fusible - Pellon # 805
Also known as Stitch-Witchery, Splendid Web or Trans Web. Joins fabri... View Details »
"Wonder Web" Pellon # 807
Also known as Stitch Witchery or Splendid Web, Pellon Wonder Web is a ... View Details »
Fusible Pellon #906F
Also known as Sheer D'Light Lightweight. This fusible nonwoven is grea... View Details »
Fusible Pellon #911FF
Also known as Sheer D'Light Featherweight or HNB Fusible Featherweigh... View Details »
Fusible Pellon #931TD
Polyeseter/Nylon fusible nonwoven gives support to fabrics used in act... View Details »
Hymo Canvas by the Yard
Standard interfacing for men's and woman's tailored garments. Made wit... View Details »
Stitch-N-Tear Stabilizer - Pellon #806
Also known as Stitch-n-Sew Nonwoven Tear-Away. A nonwoven tear away ba... View Details »
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