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Clover Sewing and Quilting Notions from

Deluxe Take & Press Mat
Large portable pressing mat features heavy duty cotton cover, thick pa... View Details »
Design Layout Sheet
Can be used to preview a quilt design and color composition before pie... View Details »
Desk Needle Threader Display Assortment
6 pieces in a display box. Automatic needle threader. This tool is a m... View Details »
Desk Needle Threader Pink POP Display
*****Must Purchase 12 Pink Desk Needle Threader Packs, POP DISPLAY****... View Details »
Dome Threaded Needle Case
A novel threaded needle case in which threads are wound in a reel. Up ... View Details »
Double Eye Fine (Blunt Tip)
242 - blunt tip (3 needles in a package) 244 - fine blunt tip (4 needl... View Details »
Double Needle Threader
You can thread both large-sized needles and small-sized needles. View Details »
Double Sided Thimble
Made of soft leather, this thimble has a metal tip for finger protecti... View Details »
Double Tracing Wheel
Seam line and cutting edge and both marked at the same time. View Details »
Dry Heat Pro Finish Pressing Sheets
Safely press heat sensitive materials including vinyl, PUL, laminates,... View Details »
Easy Loop Turner
Just clip and push to easily turn fabric tubes right side out. Insert ... View Details »
Elastic Lock Set (NZ)
The Elastic Lock Set includes the Elastic Lock and Flexible Bodkin. Th... View Details »
Embroidery Fine (Blunt Tip)
8 needles in a package. Ideal for canvas work that requires thread cou... View Details »
Eraser Pen
Ideal for scraps, quilts, and seams. View Details »
Fabric Adhesive Stick
Pegamento para hilvanar proyectos acolchar, coser apliques y costura. ... View Details »
Fabric Folding Pen
Fabric Folding has never been easier with the help of Clover۪s N... View Details »
Fabric Folding Pen Liquid
Solución marcadora para el Marcador para el Plegado de las Telas Clove... View Details »
Finger Presser
Perfect for foundation piecing, sewing, quilting, and applique. The fi... View Details »
Flex 'n Glide Bodkins (NZ)
The Flex 'n Glide Bodkin is a long flexible bodkin featuring an elonga... View Details »
Flower Head Pins Boxed (100 ea.)
Thicker size of Flower Head pins. The flat head is convenient for mach... View Details »
Flower Head Pins Card (20 ea.)
Long pins can hold together many layers of fabric. The flat head is co... View Details »
Flower Head Pins-Fine Card (20 ea.)
Suitable for pinning thin fabrics. The flat head is convenient for mac... View Details »
Fork Pins (35 Pcs)
35 pins. Securely holds hard to handle lining fabrics and soft materia... View Details »

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