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Chalks and Markers from

Chalk Wheel
Starting at $3.25
Refillable plastic chalk wheel makes clean fine lines. White chalk. Ch... View Details »
Regular Size Colonel Tailors' Chalk
Blend of finest natural waxes and quality pigments. High melt resistan... View Details »
Dressmaker's Marking Pencil with Brush Eraser
For marking construction details. Brush removes marks. Available in Wh... View Details »
Disappearing Ink Marking Pen
Marks disappear within 24-72 hours or can be removed immediately with ... View Details »
Skirt Marker - Chalk Type
For marking hems up to 30" from floor. Chalk powder, bulb and cord all... View Details »
Jems 500 Tailors' Chalk
Clay chalk and pigment. 36 pieces per box. Comes in White,Yellow, & Bl... View Details »
Dual Marking Pen
Water soluble Mark-B-Gone ink on one end and disappearing ink on the o... View Details »
Laundry Marking Pens
(Bulk pricing available)
Black, permanent ink will not wash, bleach, or dry clean out. Long she... View Details »
Chalk Sharpener
One pass with the chalk makes an even sharpened edge. Durable plastic ... View Details »
Water Soluble Marking Pencil
For marking on dark fabrics. Removes marks with a damp cloth. White... View Details »
Super Giant 3050 Tailors' Chalk
Triple groove finish. 48 pieces per box. Available in White, Black, Re... View Details »
Mark-B-Gone Disappearing Ink Tracing Paper
Traces easily on all fabrics. Marks disappear within 24-72 hours, or c... View Details »
PMC Disappearing Tailors' Chalk
Can be steamed out immediately or will disappear in 1-2 days. 36 per b... View Details »
PMC Wax Crayon Pencil #638
Generally used for buttonhole or slot marking. 6" x 7/16" diameter. 12... View Details »
Chalk Powder Refill for Deluxe Chalk Hem Marker
Chalk Powder Refill for the Deluxe Chalk Hem Marker. View Details »
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